As the world is moving towards digitalisation, marketing has shifted gears from local to digital front, where digital marketing has become a degree of study, for graduation and post-graduation level, the gap is vast for field experts, which needs to be filled up. So if you select digital marketing as the field of education you will become the headline, Edukridhan with its expertise wants to clear the stopgap and has turned up with the program to become a partner with you in your journey of growth and road towards the success. We prepare you to become potentially compatible from the day of joining.

The students at Edukridhan can expect a mix training of industrial case study and theory hand in hand, wherein they can adopt the functional knowledge of the systems and the latest trends going on in the market. The overall training module is prepared in such a way that the students get a physical knowledge of live website, ad budgeting, and learning the practical way of digital marketing. The implemented methodology helps the students face live challenge occurring during live implementations of strategy & can apply live innovative concepts during the session.

Course Details

Introduction To Digital Marketing

  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Knowledge of Digital Marketing Channel
  3. Technologies Used in Digital Marketing
  4. Overview of Content Management
  5. Overview of Live Project

SEO - 1

  1. Overview of SEO how it works
  2. Importance of SEO
  3. Offpage/Onpage creation
  4. Keywords Generation & its importance
  5. Identification of high using content
  6. Creation of Content Channels

SEO - 2

  1. Overview of SEO with deliverable
  2. Offpage creation helping for generating Brand Name
  3. Ways to improve Domain Authority
  4. Making backlinks & Factors affecting Backlinks
  5. Comprehensive Site audit
  6. Google My Business Listing

Mobile Marketing

  1. Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  2. Importance of Mobile friendly website & Content
  3. Push Notification / In App Notification
  4. App Building Monetization / Listing of App on app stores
  5. App Store optimization
  6. Email Strategy / Campaign Strategy

SEM -1

  1. Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
  2. Setting up Google Adwords
  3. Type of Ads on Google Adwords
  4. Importance of PPC Marketing
  5. Search & Display Campaigns
  6. Linking Google Analytics & Adwords

SEM - 2

  1. Overview of Shopping Ads
  2. Registration with Merchant Center
  3. Shopping Ads creation & campaign
  4. Universal Ad & Mobile Ad Apps
  5. Adwords Editor & Core Concept
  6. Auto Campaign Management on Adwords
  7. Exposure to Auto biding management tools

SEM -3

  1. Overview of Remarketing Campaign
  2. Setting up of Remarketing Campaing in Adwords
  3. Introduction to Over the top marketing
  4. You tube Marketing
  5. Video Ads creation & campaign
  6. Connection of Social Media with Youtube
  7. You tube Analytics

Affiliate Marketing

  1. Overview of Affiliate Marketing
  2. Different Commission Structures
  3. Examples of Different Affiliate
  4. Different Affiliate Campaign Set up
  5. Affiliate Marketer & Merchant Program
  6. Overall analysis of Affiliate Marketing
  7. Pitfalls of Affiliate model

SMM - 1

  1. Importance of Social Media Marketing & its pillars
  2. Overview of creating Social Media Marketing plan & key steps to success
  3. Facebook Marketing & its effectiveness
  4. Introduction to facebook store
  5. Instagram Marketing tips & tricks
  6. Instagram Analysitcs

SMM -2

  1. Linkedin Marketing & Tricks
  2. Twitter Marketing & its various parts
  3. Quora Marketing & best practice
  4. Importance of presence on various channels like Pininterst & Google +
  5. Adwords Editor & Core concept
  6. Auto Campaign Management on Adwords
  7. Exposure to Auto bidding management tools

SMM -3

  1. Importance of Social Media tools
  2. Brief about Online Reputation Management
  3. Common points face durin ORM
  4. Process of ORM

Email Marketing

  1. Importance of Email Marketing
  2. Problems of Email Marketing
  3. Best practice of Effective Mail
  4. Email Workflow & Matrix
  5. Email Marketing Campaign Creation
  6. Drip Email Marketing & Autoresponders

Marketing Automation

  1. Importance of Marketing Automation
  2. Problems faced by Marketers
  3. Benefits of Marketing Automation
  4. Marketing Automation Set Up
  5. Marketing Reports & Analytics

Web Analytics Platform

  1. Importance of Analytics
  2. Needs of Google Analytics
  3. Set up of Google Analytics
  4. Set up of Goals in Google Analytics
  5. Set up of Site search in Google Analytics
  6. Steps to read up Google Analytics Data
  7. Sharing, reports generation, Introduction to Google Tag Manager

Content Marketing

  1. Importance of Content Marketing
  2. Various Methods of Content Marketing
  3. Tracking of Content Marketing
  4. Use of Content in boosting traffic

Live Project

  1. Topic on Live Project
  2. Generation of Marketing Plan
  3. Tracking of working on Marketing plan
  4. Reports preparation of Marketing Plan
  5. Presentation of Project


  • Content Relevant to industry
  • Case Study on practical training
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Industry Relevant Tool
  • Preparation for marketing exams and certification
  • Result Oriented discussion forums
  • Post Course Engagement
  • Business Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • People Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Career Oriented Guidance
  • Workshop for Cracking Interviews
  • Help in Making Industry Focused Resumes
  • Job Applying and Cracking Assistance

Digital Marketing Tools You Must Know

Google Ads

Google Analytics


Google Ads


Google Alerts

Google Merchant Center






Google Ads Editor

SEM Rush

Google Tag Manager

Google Keyword Planner




Google Search Console