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Digital Marketing in today’s time has become a pioneer mode of advertisement, wherein, most of the companies have turn up to the digital zone, to advertise and brand reach more. Awareness of digital marketing is there, however, knowledge of the channel is missing, which has generated a stopgap between the industry and students. Edukridhan a digital marketing education firm started with one thought keeping in mind to fill up the stopgap between the industry and the students. The academy is started with three industry experts with experience in of 15 years of experience in the field of Digital World.

To become one stop solution academy for learners in the field of Digital Marketing

To provide guidance and knowledge which is beyond theory, and empower practical knowledge to learners for upscaling and re-scaling knowledge as per the change demand with commitment and dedication.

About Us

Edukridhan is a knowledge Cafe, incepted for students, wants to pursue and gather knowledge in the field of digital marketing and marketing analytics. The inception was done with one aim in to become one stop solution for learners, who want to achieve in the field of Digital Marketing. With us you get the intensive experience of practical knowledge beyond theory.

The major analytical insights collected of today’s era, where digital space is growing rapidly and the reach for the students to achieve their goal is less, Edukridhan with its initiative of incepting the academy for students will fill up the stop gap. Kridhan with its team of industry experts in the field of Digital, Technology & Operations, who give up their time and commitment. We are here for helping and searching of people, who are ready to level up-skill and re-skill with changing time and work demand.

Our team members are qualified and are the active members of World Marketing Organisation and active lecturers in reputed organisations like SP Jain University, Edupristine, and are active speakers for Digital Marketing Conclaves.

One thing we believe is delivering, learning needs focus, commitment and consistency.

Do you agree with us? Are you ready to up-skill?

If yes we hope you will join us….